Web interface for
Lotus Notes applications
Now your Lotus Notes applications can look nice and work faster on any of your device: it can be laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Through XPages Dynamic you can forget about limits of Lotus Notes!
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XPages Dynamic
Automate the processes and solve the problems of the organization with ready-made solutions built on IBM technologies and XPages Dynamic. 

ECM, CRM, CMS, etc. - the API of all configurations are open!
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Creating individual
business systems
You can create your own modern management web systems and business applications without programming using XPages Dynamic and IBM Domino.

Or just order creation of any web application from our experts!
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Work with pleasure on any device, anywhere

It happens that the problems require immediate response, even when you are on the way or in the shop. With XPages Dynamic you can make annotations even if you into the cafe with a cup of coffee, put tasks to employees and submit resolution on the way to the office. Now you are free from your workplace and it does not matter what device you using to work in the system!

Organize collective work in one workspace

You can fulfill the tasks and manage the team, view all the events, edit documents, and collectively discuss issues with your colleagues. Now you can do this in a single window in an own workspace of the company! No longer you have to be confused in the folders and files, to search responsible persons for each question – all your work in your hands!

Manage the company's business processes

Optimize, manage and customize business processes for maximum efficiency of your company. Make the necessary changes "on the fly" without stopping the system. You can configure all Business applications to suit your processes. Efficient management – is the key to success!

Configure the system for yourself

Freedom of choice – it's what XPages Dynamic gives you. You can choose the interface of the system and the information to show to particular user. You can show the steps of events to achieve the goals. Simplicity, flexibility and adaptability, which previously you could only dream of! Now everything is the way you want to!

XPages Dynamic – business management system

A lot of organizations are regularly confronted with the need to automate their tasks, such as: automation of compliance processes, automation of processes of interaction with clients, task management, business collaboration, creation of electronic archives and many other. Interaction of all applications for automating business processes creating a full-fledged enterprise management system.

Complete systems class ECM, CRM, CMS, BPM, HRM and others, which consist of a set of business applications interacting with each other, is not always able to close all the needs of the organization and require expensive improvements.

XPages Dynamic allows you to automate standard and non-standard business processes of any organization, easily make changes to the system in case of need without extensive knowledge of programming. Now, to build an effective IT enterprise management system you do not require a large staff of highly qualified IT professionals and consultants.

XPages Dynamic makes complicated things simple and clear.

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