Блог проекта XPages Dynamic

Web interface for Lotus Notes applications (Video)


Better to see once than to hear hundred times.

We receive many requests every day for detailed demonstration of XPages Dynamic, so every day our experts make the webcasts of XPages Dynamics functionality for concerned persons. In communicating process with customers, we heard the request to record the video with the real work of XPD because not all managers can be attend the webinars, and they would like to view interesting moments on the video. We found that most of experts in Lotus Notes/Domino want to see the process of creating web interfaces for Lotus Notes applications.

For example, we took the application "Knowledge Base" from "Ts-Office" document management system and created web interface for it using XPD. This process took 20 minutes, and now the "knowledge base" is available on any device: laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc. The long-standing practice show us that iTs-Office "Knowledge Base" is popular business application in large enterprises.

The creating process took only 20 minutes, so sit down and enjoy the video.

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