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Why XPD and IBM Domino can work fast, even under heavy loads?


A few interesting details about the XPD

1 All data in XPD are divided into hot and cold data. Cold data is located in the database on the hard disk, and hot XPD data stores and automatically maintains in RAM. The structure of the data storied in RAM as compact as possible, developed by our experts.

Through the use of hot data can not only speed up the whole system, but also has an ability for fast search of any information even by any part of the word. Objects stored in the memory support automatic serialization, it is necessary for the rapid updating of data in case of rebooting.

Any of the views, can be quickly turn into the directory of hot data in a few clicks by yourself.

2 In XPD with use of IBM Domino databases, you can also use a relational database, such as: MySQL, Postgres, MSSQL, Oracle, DB2, MariaDB, Sqllite, HSQLDB, Derby. For example, today in XPD built the TimeLine and logging works on a relational database. Ability to use a relational database not only offloads IBM Domino bases, but also allows us to solve a serious billing tasks.

To demonstrate working with large data, we did folowwing

1 Several huge views with 6.5 million documents in a single database.

2 Several large forms with the list of 1000 fields and 3000 fields with lazy loading function.

Watch our video. Thank you.

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